5 Best SEO Tools for website analysis

SEO IndiaWebsites are the basis of online business and thus, no doubt they have to be perfectly competitive. To ensure the competitiveness, the websites need to be analyzed on the regular intervals. Therefore, to check out or calculate the progress and ranking of various things on a website, certain tools are developed. Also, the tools are necessary to promote the website from various aspects to make the process fast. Let us look at those SEO tools that would not only help in analysis but also in marketing the websites.

The 5 most effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools are 

  • Google Analytics Tool 

Goggle provides this free analysis tool that is one of the most powerful tool in maintain the website’s standard as per SEO. With the use of ‘Google Analytics Tool’, one can easily work upon the factors and generate the details on blog or website traffic, landing pages, keywords, visitors, bounce rate, time on site and many more. This tool by Google has several features & options that make it used by several outsourcing web development companies across the globe. Using this tool is easy and the results accumulated are also highly reliable.

  • Google AdWords Tool: 

Google is one of the most popular and widely used search engines. This search engine is constantly been worked upon to make the online experience far better and profitable. This is why; Goggle offers various tools to take the online business to great heights. Google AdWords Tool is one such innovative tool by Google that is used to analyze the strong keywords relevant & beneficial for the business. With the Google AdWords Tool, the keywords can be filtered into Broad, Exact and Phrase matches. Using this tool appropriately, one can get the highly reliable data of global & local monthly keyword searches.

  • SEOQuake 

SEOQuake is not exactly a tool, but is a browser extension for browsers like Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. It is an add-on for website analysis and is an important tool as per SEO India. SEOQuake is used innovatively to check out Page Rank, indexed pages, inbound & outbound links, nofollow attributes, and various other things of a particular web page.

  •  BacklinkWatch: 

BacklinkWatch is one another tool for backlink checker that is used effectively by various web design & development companies in India. Using the data from Yahoo! web index, BacklinkWatch analyzes the web page. This advanced BacklinkWatch is a free tool that can be judiciously utilized to check details upon backlinks, Google PageRank, and Nofollow attribute.

  •  SEMRush 

Developed by SEO Quake Company, SEMRush is an online analysis tool for analyzing competitors keywords and links in organic and paid Google search results. In this competitive online world, knowing about the competitors’ strategies and tactics can also help in growing the business. To analyze competitor’s growth Free and Pro are the two ways. With the SEMRush Free user, the users get information on basic keywords and urls of the site; whereas, with SEMRush Pro user, one gets detailed report of about 300 queries a day and 10,000 results per day.

So, these are the 5 most effective tools that are highly effective in analyzing the progress of the online business and promote it accordingly.

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Beware of the lies that SEO Company may try to trap you with

SEO company IndiaWeb world is expanding with every passing day as the business people understand its importance. Realizing the relevance of SEO as an effective & long term strategy for marketing, entrepreneurs are ready to invest with SEO companies. The hike in the graph of e-commerce or online business has resulted in the growth of SEO service providers in every country. However, as per the past record of accomplishment, it is said that to avail the best of the SEO services,outsourcing India has always been a smarter choice.

Several e-commerce companies India are rising up every day with a promise to deliver ultimate service that would boost the online business of the clients. If you are also a business person, searching for a SEO company India, then you would have also encountered several such companies. When this is the situation, it is essential to keep every step with utmost care while deciding upon the company to avail the services from.

Some of the talks that you should immediately beware of includes:

1. Talking all about technicalities:

Many companies in India revolve their talks by focusing upon the technical words related to SEO. They believe that by doing this, they’ll be able to give you an idea about their vast knowledge of the industry. SEO is like a spider’s web which includes algorithms; therefore, to succeed in it one has to act like a spider and focus upon logical facts. Talking all about technicalities is a simple strategy to fetch more money from you.

2. Meta tags’ Keywords:

Remember that gone are those days when search engines used to give rankings based on Meta Tags. So if your SEO Company talks about adding Meta Tags to improve webpage ranking then you know what you have to do.

3. High traffic results in Successful SEO Project:

Generating traffic is not the only thing to get higher ranking. The rate at which the visitors leave the website is also considered in deciding the ranking of the website. Generating traffic can be done easily but what matters is to retain the gathered traffic & turn it into business.

4. Guarantying to make the website No.1 in ranking:

Making no:1 ranked website for anything is easier, what matters is that it rank no:1 for the relevant keywords. Simply understand that there is no use of becoming at the top in which you do not deal. Also, do remember that when Google personalizes searches, then it’s not easier to rank no:1.

SEO companies at a point also aim to make business & earn profits. So just be careful that you do not just become business for them.

Choosing SEO Company in India

CSEO companies in Indiahoosing an SEO company for online marketing of your business is really not an easy job especially when there are tons of SEO companies in India who claim to be SEO experts.Most of these SEO companies don’t even have an appropriate SEO team to manage multiple campaign so there is no question about how and why they will not spoil your SEO campaign.However,in order to grow your business online, you will still have to hire a reliable SEO company at the end of day because you can not manage your business and SEO of your website at the same time.

India, being a hub of highly talented professionals who charge lower hourly fee as compared to other countries; has become one of the top choices for businesses around the world to hire SEO experts from India.The SEO companies in India have proven over the period of time;that by performing ethical SEO activities, they can deliver great results and can help businesses to get more traffic to their websites by getting higher placements on search engines. However it’s a challenging task to choose the best SEO company among thousands of companies who promise the same results but only few can deliver them,indeed.Below are few tips which will definitely help you to choose an SEO company from India:

Ask for References

There are thousands of SEO companies in India and most interestingly all of them claim to be top SEO companies which we all know cant be true.So don’t believe their words and stories because they can be fake.You may ask for the clients references from various SEO companies before finalizing the contract with them because clients’ case studies and clients’ testimonials cant be fake.If any SEO company  refuses to provide you their clients references for any reason, you may stop communicating with them and start talking to other company who can provide these details.

Ask questions from their account manager

SEO Account Manager is a person who will make sure that all the SEO activities will be performed in the required quantity and frequency.So you must insist the Indian SEO company to provide you the contact details of their project manager and you may ask all of your queries and concerns and make sure that nothing is left hidden.

Ask for the list of SEO activities

Search engines like Google keep changing their search algorithms frequently and moreover every business has different level of competition;hence no fixed list of SEO activities can be applicable to all businesses at all times.Therefore,you must ask for a list of SEO activities according to the current scenario of search engines algorithms and your business industry as well.

Ask for analysis report

You must ask the SEO company to provide you with a analytical report of current status of your website  and what/why are the SEO activities that would be required to bring traffic to your website.You have all the rights to ask them why and how their activities will be beneficial for your business and what kind of growth you can expect in coming months if you hire them as your SEO company.

Ask for commitment

Considering the fact that no SEO company can promise for top positions of your website on search engines (if any company claims so, you can consider them as a fake promising company),you must ask for a commitment of results in terms of traffic and exposure.You may refer to their commitment report while evaluating their performance over following months.