SEO Blunders that can lead your company downstairs from success

SEO OutsourcingSEO is a very powerful tool that is continuing to prove its relevance and making several businesses earn great returns. However, there are also examples of several online businesses that although followed the parameters & guidelines of SEO, but failed to flourish in the competitive industry. Well, thanks to the failures that the experts could analyze the SEO blunders and warned the SEO experts to be cautious of them to become successful.

Experts says that when the website fails to meet the expectations, draw anticipated revenues, and generate substantial traffic, then there is surely something wrong in its designing & development. A website has the chances of meeting all these expectations only if it is developed as per search engine optimization and contains relevant keywords that are placed strategically. This gives ranking to the site by the popular search engines. Well, it isn’t happening, then as said before, something somewhere is going wrong which is to be identified.

Below are some of those blunders, which are discussed by few experienced & knowledgeable SEO companies India. Glance over them and make sure that your online solutions are free from any such blunder.

The fight of keywords & content

Many a times, in several websites, it is commonly seen that it is difficult to identify whether the content is been promoted or keywords are been promoted. Some websites are full of keywords and when there are all keywords, then the relevance of keywords fades away very easily. This is why the keyword stuffing is done very carefully. You can say that the key role of the keywords is to make the website attain higher ranking instead of attaining the title of ‘SPAM’.

The matter or content, which is read by search engines

Content is the feed of the websites and it is the content only, which search engines read to match the relevant searches. Therefore, this has to be written by the expert writers, who have substantial knowledge about the SEO world. For this, one can avail SEO outsourcing services by renowned companies as they do have expert writers, who can write from customers, companies, as well as SEO perspective. Getting a professional content written for the website greatly helps in achieving top rankings for relevant searches.

However, it is important that content should be up to the mark from every manner. The search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. should love it and avoid spamming it, the readers should get all the desired information, and it has to be captivating & interesting enough to hold the interest & generate the trust of the visitor.

The role of header information

Companies offering services for web outsourcing India says that they have seen several examples, where the headers of the websites are not utilized properly. The header 1 and header 2 are generally seen with advertising taglines or the name of the company. They say that headers are the most effective portions for promotion and thus must contain key search phrases. This would make the website highlighted & search engine would love it.

Duplicated Header Pages:

It is the biggest mistake of those SEO outsourcing companies, who use repetitive header tags and even puts similar page description. This is the worst utilization of the headers as in this situation the headers are neither evaluated nor ranked. Therefore, it is important to choose the renowned and appropriate company, which has substantial expertise in outsourcing SEO.

The drawback of flash pages

No doubt works in generating interest of the visitors and holding their attention. But there is one major drawback of such pages, i.e. they take lots of time to load that can frustrate the visitor and force him to leave the website. Even search engines bounce off such websites, as these are not then readable. Therefore, it is better to avoid flashy pages instead of being rejected or spammed by search engines.

These are some of those common blunders, which can completely alter the effect of SEO Outsourcing India and lead the website towards the failure. Therefore, in such cases it is the responsibility of the business person to choose a relevant company for designing & development of the website.


Understanding the world of Google Keywords

SEO outsourcingKeyword is a common English word, but, when it is related to the world of online business, then it does not remain common. It is the most crucial aspect for the online business, as several business strategies & tools depend upon the selection of appropriate keyword. This world of keywords is very delicate and can alter the effectiveness & power, if not utilized properly. Therefore, to find the right keyword for a particular work becomes important.

Here, you will find certain important points that would make you know the right technique to calculate the best possible keyword. But before that, let us start with understanding Google Keywords:

Google Keywords:

Keywords or Google Keywords are the individual words that people used to type on search bars of engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing to find the required information. To understand better, taking an example might help. Suppose you own an online business of leather goods and deal in leather coats, boots, purses, etc. Now, you know that majority of people use certain words to search for those products online. And if you use these keywords and incorporate them in your write-ups, then obviously, the website of your company would be able to fetch great traffic. This is obviously not a simple process and certain things need to be considered to make them simpler & find the Google keywords easily.

Before going on to the tips, let us first check out why to focus majorly upon keywords by Google:

Today, Goggle is the largest search engine on the web that is widely referred for making searches. Goggle promotes those that are on the top list, therefore rankings matter in this.

Whenever any person visit the search engine to find the detail on anything, then Google use that information to scan the internet and bring the best of the information that matches with the query words. In short, the words that people type to make searches are the keywords that define the fate of the business. If you get to know all those words that people type to search about the products and services in which you deal, then you can form the strategies for marketing your business website.

Companies offering services for website outsourcing in India properly understand the concept of Google search engine results, because of which the traffic is generated appropriately.

It is due to Google keywords that links on the search pages are determined and ones that get the position on first page have the high probability of being selected. The higher on the ranking means higher traffic of relevant clients.

Now let us check out the way to reach on the top:

The companies offering services for e-commerce development in India implement specially defined strategies for search engine optimization. Using the right keywords and innovative approach, the expert e-commerce developers design the website in such a manner that it reaches at the top.

Below are the tips that are implemented by web design & development company in India:

  • Calculating the right Google keywords for every section or page on the website is the first step. Analyzing this is important and testing them upon the relevance on regular intervals is also important.
  • Using the keywords smartly holds utter importance. While writing the content of the website, keywords should be judiciously utilized to add to the relevance.
  • Knowing about the keyword density usage is also important. Use them in blog posts, titles, subtitles and other copy in a natural way and do not make them look out of the scene.
  • Using keywords in metadata is also important, as then it would help in increasing the ranking.
  • Linking the Google keywords is also necessary.

Now, when all the things are been discussed, one major & important thing left is how to find the right keyword.

Finding The Right Keywords

To choose the best of the keywords, many go for predictions and many use certain Google keyword research tool. The professional SEO outsourcing companies make use of research tools like “keyword research tool” to find the most appropriate keywords and accordingly plan the strategies. Along with finding the best keyword, it also helps in managing the projects well. Keeping a tab on the workings is one of the highlighting features of these tools.

So, now after going through this clearly defined article relating to keywords, you must be having the clear idea of the keywords and their relevance. So, use them properly and see the difference in the business.

Choosing SEO Company in India

CSEO companies in Indiahoosing an SEO company for online marketing of your business is really not an easy job especially when there are tons of SEO companies in India who claim to be SEO experts.Most of these SEO companies don’t even have an appropriate SEO team to manage multiple campaign so there is no question about how and why they will not spoil your SEO campaign.However,in order to grow your business online, you will still have to hire a reliable SEO company at the end of day because you can not manage your business and SEO of your website at the same time.

India, being a hub of highly talented professionals who charge lower hourly fee as compared to other countries; has become one of the top choices for businesses around the world to hire SEO experts from India.The SEO companies in India have proven over the period of time;that by performing ethical SEO activities, they can deliver great results and can help businesses to get more traffic to their websites by getting higher placements on search engines. However it’s a challenging task to choose the best SEO company among thousands of companies who promise the same results but only few can deliver them,indeed.Below are few tips which will definitely help you to choose an SEO company from India:

Ask for References

There are thousands of SEO companies in India and most interestingly all of them claim to be top SEO companies which we all know cant be true.So don’t believe their words and stories because they can be fake.You may ask for the clients references from various SEO companies before finalizing the contract with them because clients’ case studies and clients’ testimonials cant be fake.If any SEO company  refuses to provide you their clients references for any reason, you may stop communicating with them and start talking to other company who can provide these details.

Ask questions from their account manager

SEO Account Manager is a person who will make sure that all the SEO activities will be performed in the required quantity and frequency.So you must insist the Indian SEO company to provide you the contact details of their project manager and you may ask all of your queries and concerns and make sure that nothing is left hidden.

Ask for the list of SEO activities

Search engines like Google keep changing their search algorithms frequently and moreover every business has different level of competition;hence no fixed list of SEO activities can be applicable to all businesses at all times.Therefore,you must ask for a list of SEO activities according to the current scenario of search engines algorithms and your business industry as well.

Ask for analysis report

You must ask the SEO company to provide you with a analytical report of current status of your website  and what/why are the SEO activities that would be required to bring traffic to your website.You have all the rights to ask them why and how their activities will be beneficial for your business and what kind of growth you can expect in coming months if you hire them as your SEO company.

Ask for commitment

Considering the fact that no SEO company can promise for top positions of your website on search engines (if any company claims so, you can consider them as a fake promising company),you must ask for a commitment of results in terms of traffic and exposure.You may refer to their commitment report while evaluating their performance over following months.